(in-turned eyelid)

Lower lid entropion with lashes in contact with the cornea

What can cause entropion?

With age, the skin and muscles of the eyelid can become lax. This can result in inward rolling of the eyelid margin, usually the lower lid, towards to the eye. This can result in the lashes constantly rubbing the cornea or the conjunctiva. Occasionally, the condition is caused by scarring of the inner surface of the eyelid, caused by inflammation, chronic infections or trauma.

What is the treatment for entropion?

Long-standing , uncorrected entropion can lead to gradual scarring of the cornea, as well as increase the risk of infection of the cornea. It is therefore important to try to correct this condition before the complications of scarring permanently impair vision.

Surgery is usually required to tighten the lower lid and its attachment as well as to turn the lashes out. A cut is usually made just below the lashes in the lower lid and in the upper lid it may follow the original double eyelid crease if it is present. These surgeries can be performed under local anaesthesia in our procedure rooms and can take from 45 mins to an hour. Some bruising and swelling is expected after surgery, which can last about 1 -2 weeks depending on the patient’s own natural healing ability.

What are the alternatives?

You may be willing to live with the symptoms of tearing and discomfort and delay surgery temporarily. However in the meantime, the eyes should be frequently lubricated with eyedrops and ointment to prevent permanent damage to the cornea.

How will eyelid surgery affect my vision or appearance?

The surgery does not directly affect your vision, although many people do see an improvement in their vision as they no longer have tearing, or discharge from the eye. There may be a scar from the surgery cut just below the lashes in the lower lid, which usually becomes less visible with time.

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